Jodi A. – Concord, Ca

We have lived in our home for a little over two years, and did not like to run our air conditioner because the cost was so expense and our outdoor unit always seemed to stay on longer then our old home.

I had two other companies out in the last year, and they both told me the only way to save on cost would be to replace the entire system, which my husband and I did not want to do because the system is less than 10 years old.

We thought we would try one more company, so I called Heavenly Service and Comfort, and booked an appointment.

The Technician, who came out, Jerry, was very friendly. He spent about two hours at our home, checking everything from our outdoor unit to our indoor unit to our ducting. Come to find out the system did not need to be replaced, but our return intake was too small, so he enlarged it. Jerry explained in great detail why the return was so important to our system from both a cost of energy standpoint to the ensuring our system last for another ten years.

We had Heavenly Service do the work, and they did a great job. This was two months ago, and I am happy to say that our system has never run better, and our energy bill was about $85 less per month with that simple fix.

I am seeing more and more of these orange trucks in my town, so the word appears to be getting out. Heavenly Service and Comfort is a great company that my husband and I plan to use for many years to come.